A narrative of my visit to the spiritualist camp in cassadaga florida

Meeting my first medium - Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp

But I cannot recommend Judy Cooper. Alas, I am going to keep my money in my pocket from now on and do my own form of channeling. Shame on you Judy, you are a fraud and about as unprofessional in performing your craft as I could ever imagine.

So I did not hide my back issue and I did not remove my wedding ring. The principles of spirituality that are taught by the people at Cassadaga state, "Spiritualism has no dogma or creed, just a simple set of nine principles to help guide our lives".

Even though I have learned to have confidence in my methods, I am comfortable with doing things differently in many settings and I shared this with Judy. The Spiritualist Camp Association later received additional acreage that expanded the camp to the current fifty-seven acres.

Also, there is the Andrew Jackson Davis Educational building, used for musical performances and gatherings. Judy then explained briefly that she was a medium with psychic abilities.

I demurred that I did not think so. Judy Cooper in the past few years. The town is briefly mentioned in the movie Cirque du Freak: Later on January 3, Colby had signed a warranty deed to the Association for thirty-five acres.

I did not get a reading but the randomness of the seating of the audience we were asked to seat ourselves in the order in which we had lined up outside the studio but not discuss any topics which might influence or compromise any potential readings and after that evening, I was a cynic no more.

Medium/Psychic Reading - Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp

My friend had shared her earlier meetings and it sounded like Judy was the person I wanted to see for my very first visit with a medium. Wish my first and only reading had been a positive experience. She then said that my "aura" was orange a color I detest suggesting creativity and did I think I was a creative person?

I paused to prop the small kidney pillow behind my back I have had surgery and continue to be troubled by intermittent pain. According to Colby, Seneca had instructed him to travel south to Florida, where he eventually arrived at a place called the Blue Springs Landing, near Orange City, Florida.

That was good because I relaxed and prepared myself to go into the session in peace and openness.

Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp

He was well known, and in his travels, Colby was referred to as the "seer of spiritualism". I wish others a better - and less insulting - experience. I saw the famed medium John Edwards in person fifteen years ago and I was blown away by his relative accuracy.

I had made a decision to be as transparent as possible but at the same time to not give everything away: Colby, from Pike, New Yorka trance medium who traveled to many different states, giving readings and seances.

Popular culture[ edit ] Bright Eyes has an album called Cassadagawhich features the town in the lyrics of the single " Four Winds ".

First, she "saw" a tightrope and asked if I felt like I was walking a tightrope and I honestly replied that last year perhaps that was true, but not now.

An aside before I continue: Anyway, my friend got the first reading with Judy while I waited on the porch swing.

Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp: Address, Phone Number, Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp Reviews: 4/5

According to Colby, the area that Seneca had led him to was the same area that Colby had seen during the seance in Iowa. We continued on with her providing many misleading pieces of information and misstatements, as I continued to try and go with it.First visit back in many years!

My neighbor and I were on the way to Deland today and, on the spur of the moment, decided to go to the hotel in Cassadaga for lunch.8/10(23). Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, Cassadaga, FL. 12K likes. Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp establish in is a not-for-profit (c)(3) known as “The Southern /5().

Designated a Historic District on the National Register Of Historic Places inthe Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp Meeting Association is the oldest active religious community in the Southeastern United States.4/4(23). Cassadaga_Camp, Public Relations Manager at Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, responded to this review Responded 15 July Thank you for the nice feedback.

We are happy to hear that you had a nice visit, and we hope you’ll visit us again soon. 🙏4/4(). Jul 24,  · Went to the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp on a weekend visit to billsimas.com found it to be such a nice, peaceful area.

The people there were so very pleasant, and it was obvious that they loved what they were billsimas.comon: Stevens Street, Cassadaga, FL Designated a Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places inthe Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp Meeting Association is the oldest active religious community in the Southeastern United States.

A narrative of my visit to the spiritualist camp in cassadaga florida
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