A summary of the pauls letter to the galatians

I would like to leave you with the following bit of the Hebrew Scripture: Faith is not a meritorious work, by definition. If salvation is by faith, then works are nowhere to be found in the process.

In this prophetic passage, Christians are given an important principle to remember: What can happen when we forget that all that we have, or can do, comes only from the Lord and His power working is us? And as Spurgeon said, " Why is it so important always to keep in mind our utter dependence upon God?

Why, then, do some believe but not others? This is not only what the Bible teaches from beginning to end, but this safeguards the reality that all glory goes to God for our salvation. The message of the vision given to the prophet is that the temple in Jerusalem will soon be rebuilt.

We believe the gospel can only be heard by those God has spiritually granted to hear it John 6: In essence, the two are mutually exclusive.

Is Faith a Work?

What makes men to differ to the synergist, therefore, is not grace, for, to them, all have grace, so the difference is how one man uses that grace better than another. In 2 Chronicles chapter 30 when couriers with a message of repentance passed from city to city through the country of Ephraim and Manasseh, and as far as Zebulun, those who heard laughed them to scorn and mocked them when they were called to repent, "Nevertheless [the Bible says] some men of Asher, Manasseh and Zebulun humbled themselves and came to Jerusalem.

Just as the olive oil is conducted directly from the trees to the bowl of oil at the top of the lampstand without any human agency, so the power which comes from God is constant and sufficient and also needs no human agency. What hope is being presented to the people?

From a human point of view, all efforts and resources available to the builders were inadequate.

We confess with the Bible that our regeneration or new birth in Christ is monergistic a work of God alone and not synergistic i. Who they are in essence, therefore, precedes how they respond. Sometimes in the Old Testament and the New, God reveals behind the scenes how He enabled particular persons to obey his Word when they were called to repent: The seven lamps are arranged around a large bowl that serves as a reservoir of oil.

Grace no longer, therefore, has anything to do with it, for ultimately it depends on a fallen person creating a right thought or affection about Christ thus believing in our ability to believe in Him.

Elsewhere to strengthen this point Spurgeon said, " It is true that the Bible contrasts faith and works, but biblical faith is never seen as something we, in our unregenerate condition, had to autonomously apart form the Holy Spirit contribute.

Those who believe we can, from our own resources, change our naturally unregenerate hardened hearts in some way that is independent of God are promoting rank Pelagianism.

All other schemes in which unregenerate man either takes the initiative or cooperates to be regenerated by a faith produced or drawn from their native abilityshould be considered synergistic. The prophet is not told who is represented by the lampstand, but we can be sure that the two olive trees represent the two leaders of Judah, Joshua and Zerubbabel.

This is accomplished not by human might or force but by the Lord working through those who are open to be used by Him. Can the synergist thank God for his faith? By the Spirit, God provides the power to do His work now as He did then.Is Faith a Work?

We confess with the Bible that our regeneration or new birth in Christ is monergistic (a work of God alone) and not synergistic (i.e. a. In this vision, Zechariah sees a lampstand fed by two olive trees, which refers back to the candlestick located in the Holy Place of the wilderness tabernacle (Exod.

).The seven lamps are arranged around a large bowl that serves as a reservoir of oil.

A summary of the pauls letter to the galatians
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