American football concussions essay

Starting at the youth level. Continued But much less is known about how repeat concussions, especially those that are not properly managed, affect high school and college athletes over the long term. It means the world to me; stepping onto the football field.

The problem here though is that the NCAA will not take action or penalize Arizona for their actions in any way. At a certain point, society would crumble. Soon after the headache started, then my vision became blurry.

This could be a helmet to helmet hit, a forearm or elbow to the head, or block in the back. Should we outlaw all these professions? He explains how when he listens to a message on the phone we will delete with the intention to call right back and then completely forget who called him.

The problem is, of course, the rugby player now is twice the size and twice as fast as you and I. A player now must be cleared by a doctor to return to game game and the NFL will soon require each team to have a neurologist at all games.

Dangers of Concussions in Football

An example of how loose these guidelines are occurred on october 16th in a game played by Arizona against USC. I ate foie gras with Christmas dinner last week and enjoyed it immensely.

A study released in of over players with concussions concluded the studied group had more memory, concentration, speech, headaches, and neurological problems than other players Jackson. Players can be fined up to 75, dollars for dirty hits such as helmet to helmet, or an arm to the face.

He sees rugby and American football as equally dangerous but adds: As a tackler you are taught to come in with you head up, never down. Throughout all of football though action needs to be taken.

This is truly the level where boys become men. But many football fans avoid confronting this central aspect of the game. He believes the cause is the hits he sustained during his football career. However one must consider how the game changes at the high school varsity level. The first being a hit or tackle that forces a player off his feet resulting in the back of the head coming down hard on the ground.

Poor technique along with helmet to helmet hits are the most common in youth football. The more concussions one experiences, the more damage is inflicted on the brain.

Rugby techniques have subsequently been introduced at Washington, Florida and Michigan State — whose head coach Mark Dantonio extols the benefits of rugby—style tackling. According to a survey conducted in by the National Football League, players who had experienced a minimum of three concussions during their playing careers had high probabilities of suffering from depression Edwards.

There are many dangers involved when participating in such a sport. Although concussions continued to be an issue the NCAA needs to address, the NFL is already taking major strides to improve safety and awareness for its players.

These are pretty good arguments. William Perry Former president National Academy of Neuropsychology, NFl dementia consultant school age children actually take longer to recover due to their developing brain, and suggests that even one concussion may affect their ability to retain information in school.

Concussions in American Football

In a Pop Warner game, 5 players ages suffered concussions. Youth sports associations that use publicly owned fields just about all of them also must comply with the law. What has the NFL done in order to provide a safer playing field?Topics: American football, Essay on Concussions in the NFL  Concussions in (National Football League) try to do more in protecting their athletes from concussions?

The answer is yes. Football is a very dangerous sport and the number one injuries that players receive are concussions. This topic has been raised a lot over the years. We will write a custom essay sample on Concussions in the NFL specifically for you for only $ $/page.

Free Essay: The topic I chose to right about is concussions in football and the NFL’s settlement due to the out poor of reactions to the long lasting.

I have had three concussions in my lifetime, two while playing football I understand what it is like and why the NFL should be taking extra precautions so people can avoid suffering a concussion. Essay How the NFL Reflects American Culture Professional football, like no other game, clearly represents America—the good, bad, loud, violent, ugly and beautiful How the NFL reflects.

Concussions in Football Essay ENGJ 7 September CONCUSSIONS IN FOOTBALL 1 Effects of Concussions in Football CONCUSSIONS IN FOOTBALL 2 Football has become the most popular sport in America.

Boys start playing at the age of 6 and, if they turn pro, could play into their 30’s or even 40’s. American Football is the most dangerous.

American football concussions essay
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