Artifice of absorption an essay

The Bridge, then, must be explained as if it were the actual Brooklyn Bridge and the poet its real engineer. Women are returned again and again as consumers to the retail outlets that will remedy their ever-renewed textually reflected imperfections He and she, as I should probably phrase it, also possesses a Artifice of absorption an essay potential market share than the poet whose uniform is more uniform and uni-gendered.

He is currently the Donald T. Proliferations of style and emphasis on consumer goods led to the conflation, immediately after the fall of the Berlin Wall, of democracy with consumer goods; many of us remember images of stunned East Germans wandering through the shops of West Berlin and pointed remarks by television commentators that these East Germans were discovering the benefits of a "free [sic] society.

Artifice and Representation in Ambient Literature

Richard Ohmann made very similar judgments of the teaching of Artifice of absorption an essay Composition in the early s, when he wrote, "But of course freshman English does teach the style, broadly defined, of the managerial and professional classes.

Michael Marcinkowski One question that comes up frequently in discussions of ambient literature is how it is connected to other forms and other traditions that have interrogated the place of writing and performance in the world.

During this period, Bernstein also published three more books of his own poetry, ParsingShade and Poetic Justicewhile earning a living as a freelance medical writer. The modernist masculine poetics of a writer like James Joyce, commenting that The Waste Land meant the end of poetry for "ladies," was based on a spareness of style if in manifesto onlya getting away from the "frilly" sentimentality of the Romantics.

MLN Bulletin, 5— The product to be bought, if not consumed, is either the candidate at her MLA job interview, or the successful candidate marketing her dissertation as a book. Style of thinking, style of work, style of planning and organizing, style of language" He will risk several thousand yards of material which is what he has set aside for this style.

Likewise, Stuart Ewen quotes the maven of etiquette, Emily Post, who wrote in that modern spare design was "well suited to men Style, then, is a facade that becomes content - a content intended to sell. That this is already a dead metaphor we know that the dress is also mass-produced matters less than that Barthes and Bernstein define their terms to distinguish between the multiply similar and the multiply different or eccentric and that they make clothing serve as a metaphor for language use.

The kind of desire inspired in the woman, taking herself as an audience for herself, is above; all surface oriented, visual. One day I woke up and found myself metamorphosed into a tiny businessman.

More recently, Bernstein has compared the obligatory styles of "dress and decorum" sported by job candidates at the MLA to the dissertation style that "[is] the bogeyman of frame lock" "Frame" Regan Professor of English and Comparative Literature at the University of Pennsylvaniawhere he is co-founder of the poetry audio archive PennSound.

Another vehicle would make another meaning, an idea that is anathema to writers who aim at absolute "organicism" of form and vocabulary. Aesthetic values became less important for their own sakes and more so for the sake of promotion; as advertising man Ernest Elmo Calkins wrote, "Beauty is introduced into material objects to enhance them in the eyes of the purchaser" After all, with the idea of ambient literature being predicated on the contextual encounter of a reader with a literary work, how the literary text itself is represented and represents such a context seems of vital importance.

Artifice Of Absorption

Rather than argue against "fashion" per se, Bernstein claims time and again that, while fashion and style are inevitable, writers should define them in the plural, write unofficial verses.

In response, Bernstein proposes a poetics of the non-standard - an especially relevant term for a poet who often writes in his own non-standard forms or idiolects of English.

This is an irony that is surely not lost on the poet, who has expended much energy in attacking the ready-mades, the easy copies, of literary fashion. As Fred Davis notes, "To the person on the street, and only slightly less so to the student of dress, the word fashion is more likely still to evoke images of women rather than men" In "Artifice of Absorption," he asserts that "Content never equals meaning" Poetics 10 ; meaning cannot be located outside the purview of the language of the poem; "meaning" is not conveyed through language.

In much the same way that industrialization brought the standardization of goods, including clothing, writing has been standardized. For, in his assertion that one should wear a "dress" and not a "uniform," Bernstein subverts the traditional, "conventional" notion that fashion is feminine, not masculine; he suggests instead that fashion is both.

He uses these skills to attempt to persuade Kahn of the "value" of his work. Moreover, official verse culture of the last 25 years has engaged in militant. Bernstein plans to back it.

All that I have done since, political and poetic, has changed this not at all.

Charles Bernstein

To suppress a twitch may wish to abolish it at its origin. By absorption I mean engrossing, engulfing completely, engaging, arresting attention, reverie, attention intensification, rhapsodic, spellbinding.

And as Jennifer Craik comments, "Women are fashionable but men are not. Within the scholarly or poetic marketplace, then, the writing garment signifies little more than its fact as a commodity to be bought or argued over.As much as “Artifice of Absorption” calls attention to the problem of the reader’s passive absorption into a text, this essay/poem concludes by arguing for an “intensified, technologized” absorption that would take the reader “into a more ideologized / or politicized space” (53).

Artifice Of Absorption has 7 ratings and 1 review. Svetlana said: сам трактат отличный, оч. хороший перевод; удивительно как срабатывает эта бернштейновс /5.

It is difficult to ascertain whether “Artifice of Absorption” is a poem or an essay, formally it would be poetry as it is written in verse, but the rhythm and content are those of a prose essay with footnotes added.

“Artifice of Absorption,” a key essay, is written in verse, and its structures and rhythms initiate the reader into the strength and complexity of the argument. In a wild variety of topics, polemic, and styles, Charles Bernstein surveys the current poetry scene and addresses many of the hot issues of poststructuralist literary theory.

Feb 03,  · “Content never equals meaning. If the artifice is foregrounded, there’s a tendency to say that there is no content or meaning, as if the poem were a formal or decorative exercise concerned only with representing its own mechanisms.” Charles Bernstein At first I thought the essay was toying with me a little too much.

Artifice and Representation in Ambient Literature A Poetics is a collection of essays on the avant garde traditions of poetry (and, somewhat surprisingly, an essay on video games, which (and reading’s) engagement with the world is something discussed by Bernstein in his poem/essay “Artifice of Absorption” which serves as ballast.

Artifice of absorption an essay
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