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What brought you to Wisconsin?

Coaches like Bernstein, in the best cases, help reign in the conflicting messages our children receive when they mistake the shock-factor for good writing.

Your very first paycheck: Brenda holds a B. When I taught public speaking, I asked students to give a biographical speech touching on three major aspects of their lives. When you were in high school, what were your career aspirations? Clients report that they gain clarity about themselves and their message, in addition to having that message expressed on the page.

I had no marketing training, so I never would have thought of giving away my time and advice officially for free!

Many talked about a sport, or a hobby, or a pet. They are the same ones from last year, the makers of the common app essay say, because feedback was positive.

I was ready to stop practicing law and move out of New York. Bernstein says she got an early start thinking about college applications. I was about 7 years old. Law School Admissions Consultant. From where, how much, and what did you do with it?

I love the bike paths, the farmers market, the food co-op, and the small-city atmosphere. I was never sure what I wanted to do, though I guessed I might become a lawyer, which is eventually what I did for 10 years.

I have always been a saver, so it went straight to the bank. As the sole owner of The Essay Expert, I wear many hats. To earn extra income, I put up signs around my neighborhood advertising college essay consulting services.

Advised UW law students on their legal job search activities?

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Contribution Excellence The Essay Expert Assist approximately 30 law school applicants per season with all aspects of the law school admissions process. When did you move it to Madison, and what did that mean for the business? I network, market, respond to new customer inquiries, write e-books and blog articles, and manage a team of subcontractors including editing their work and coaching them to be better writers.

LinkedIn profile writing and editing? She simply urinated on herself.We're the writing help you've been looking for. Need help writing about yourself?

Brenda Bernstein, The Essay Expert, LLC

The Essay Expert will make you look really good! -Personal Statements for C. Brenda Bernstein, Owner, JD, CMRW, CERM Brenda, who oversees every executive project, holds an English degree from Yale and a law degree from NYU. Extraordinary Virtual Assistant Providing Client Support for The Essay Expert.

Brenda Bernstein

Jeanne is a Jane of All Trades and a Master of Business Support. She often acts as the face of The Essay Expert. View Brenda Bernstein’s professional profile on ProFinder. Hire local freelance professionals like Brenda with ProFinder. ProFinder. ProFinder. The Essay Expert offers the following services.

Brenda Bernstein, award-winning Certified Executive Resume Master, Certified Master Resume Writer, and accomplished editor and LinkedIn trainer, holds an English degree from Yale University and a J.D. from the NYU School of Law. Over her 15 years as Senior Editor at The Essay Expert, Brenda has coached hundreds of professionals and.

Brenda Bernstein, The Essay Expert LLC, Services offered: Executive, Mid-Level and Basic Resumes and Cover Letters. LinkedIn Profiles. College Essays. MBA Admissions Consulting. Professional Bios. Business Writing. Brenda is the author of How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile, How to Write a WINNING Resume, and How to Write a STELLAR Executive Resume.

Question prompts on the common app essay and how to think about answering them. Advice from essay expert Brenda Bernstein.

Brenda bernstein essay expert
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