Character analysis of shelby in the wedding by dorothy west

While my family on my dads side seem to alleviate me because of my lightness. Her family decides to support her and gives her the encouragement to proceed with her feelings. Shelby gives Lute the idea she likes him and want to marry him. For Lute, the marriage represents an obstacle to domestic achievement and satisfying his daughters by providing them with a mother.

My dads side of the family are darker and more traditionally black looking. The name serves to demonstrate the wealth and high education of the Shelby family. Dorothy West does an exquisite job with only pages but I can only imagine how she could have expanded the story with another pages.

On the plantation, Gram grew up with Melisse, a black slave who worked for her family. She feels good about seeing Lute, giving her a new sensation, a new feeling. She decides to stick with her original plans and marries Meade.

Things seem to be okay and she is almost convinced of not marring Meade. After growing up in a wealthy, upper class white family in the south, she hopes that by marrying whites, her family can eventually forget any black connections. My mother was so light she was often mistaken for white.

One of several African-American writers who contributed to the Harlem Renaissance during the s and s, Dorothy West also founded the journals Challenge and New Challenge. The last 40 pages felt rushed and the ending came out of nowhere and could have used more space.

By marrying Hannibal, Josephine is at least marrying someone that accepts his inferiority. Shelby stays focused on what going to take place and continues with the wedding.

Biographical Information Dorothy West was born in Boston on June 2,the only child of a successful business family.

The Wedding

Dorothy West explores the effect that skin color has on blacks from other blacks. Toward the end of the novel, Shelby is convinced and decides whom she really wants to marry. The mulatto heroine, Cleo Judson, struggles with her own identity in a social milieu which apes white values.

For the Oval, the marriage represents an opportunity for the community to come together and celebrate the marriage of an individual from one of the most respected families.

Some fifty years after The Living Is Easy, West published a collection of her stories and reminiscences, The Richer, the Poorerand her last novel, The Wedding, a less cynical look at black middle-class life than that presented by her earlier novel.

Throughout the novel Shelby knows what she wants, knows she never gave a black a chance, and then decides whom she will marry. Especially after the argument between her and her father, Clark. Consequently, everything goes wrong and nothing worked out between her and Lute. Right when Shelby is beginning to feel for Lute, he blows it when he decides to fight with his wife for a divorce.

Around The Year In 52 Books: Overall I highly recommend The Wedding because not only is this novel a classic but its written by one of the most important writers of the Harlem Renaissance. Shelby Analysis You are here: She is convinced of giving a black a chance and takes a load off her head.

We then talked about how the relationship between Gram and Melisse continued. On her return to the United States, she initiated the literary journal Challenge, which showcased the best African-American writers of her time. She expected him to support her, yet he also turns his back on her.

What people have been telling her seems to be sinking in. The letter also includes Petrarchan Conceit, in which the man speaks of his unworthiness for such a beautiful, high-class woman. Mencken and black writer and editor Wallace Thurman.

She begins to feel a little confused on what she really wants. The Coles are light skinned and wear their fair skin like a badge of honor. I have always been aware of my lighter skin color.The Cole family and their affluent friends are gathering for Shelby's summer wedding to a white jazz musician named Meade Wyler.

The Cole family (and their friends) are shocked by the upcoming wedding because they are of the belief that Meade is beneath Shelby. Chapter Analysis of The Wedding; Dorothy West Books Note. Aug 16,  · Dorothy West Critical Essays The Living Is Easy tended to dwell on West's importance within the Harlem Renaissance and on the predatory nature of the character of Cleo Judson.

Comparisons were. In February Dorothy West, the last surviving member of the Harlem Renaissance, published The Wedding, her first novel in 47 as a triumph by critics and readers alike, the book spent most of at the top of the Blackboard: African American Bestsellers and Quarterly Black Review of Books bestsellers lists, and was optioned.

Classic Review: The Wedding by Dorothy West. (Note: we do not actually get to the wedding in the book.) Shelby Coles, the youngest daughter of Clark and Corinne Coles, is fair-haired, light-skinned and blue-eyed. And she is to marry Meade, a white jazz pianist.

An Oprah Winfrey Presents Mini-Series on ABC Network Television Starring Halle Berry In her last novel, Dorothy West, an iconic member of the Harlem Renaissance, offers an intimate glimpse into African American middle class.

Set on bucolic Martha's Vineyard in the s, The Wedding tells the story of life in the Oval, a proud, insular community /5(3). by Dorothy West.

Dorothy West’s The Wedding: Shelby Analysis

BUY NOW FROM When Shelby finally agrees to meet Lute the night before her wedding, there is little sense that it is a result of earlier being chewed out by her father for not having seriously considered black men as potential partners, and in turn the tragedy that follows seems random.

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Character analysis of shelby in the wedding by dorothy west
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