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Justice Administration; My Career Goal: What qualities do you think that a great leader needs? Use what you learned from your textbook Chapter 5 and the Week 4 class discussion to help you find good sources.

Use the model and template in this document to help you decide what to research and how to write your properly APA formatted title page, outline and references page. You are the new Human Resources Manager for a small manufacturing company in the Midwest.

Additionally, the VP of OPS wants to keep recruiting costs down as much as possible while still finding the person who is the best choice overall. California, New England, New York it would be far below competitive.

There will also be hotel and flight costs for out of town recruits during the interview process. Additional engineering certifications such as PE licensure would be a plus, but are not necessary.

The Vice President of Operations has asked you to hire an engineer to replace an engineer who has recently retired. Your company is small, with only fifty employees, which may appear as a drawback to some engineers coming from larger companies with deeper pockets, while others may Coll 148 leadership project it as an opportunity to advance more quickly.

You can try to recruit an engineer locally to save relocation costs and other expenses, but you must think ahead if this effort fails. This assignment will be scored out of points. More realistically, she would like this person on board and working within 90 days.

What are your first steps? By this point you should have selected a role-model leader. Your outline can be similar to the model, but you should rewrite it in first person. A thoughtfully-prepared outline will help you organize all of your ideas and establish a framework for your well-supported, meaningful research project.

Where and how will you search? Each body section of your outline must include cited, researched support from quality sources found in the academic databases. Your outline should be one to two pages long and should cover all required elements of the project in a logical manner.

The odds of finding candidates are better with a national search, but then the allowable salary is below the national average, and in some higher-cost areas e.

The focus for this question is on your process: Since this project is not just a biography of some famous person, you may only use one source from a biography database. The VP of Operations has made it clear that this hire is a priority and that she needs an engineer on board and able to go full speed, as of yesterday!

COLL 148 Entire Course Guide Week 1 – 8

Now you are ready to start gathering information and putting together your actual Course Project due Week 8. You both agree that the person must be legally able to work in the U. Consider how you will position the issue with candidates. COLL Week 5 Leadership Outline COLL Week 5 Leadership Outline In Week 3 you began the process of developing your Course Project by brainstorming a list of people who are leaders somehow related to your field of study and who might be good role models for you in your quest to become a leader in your career field.

You cannot afford to lose time in a low-probability effort. Research to find and gather information on how your leader worked to become a recognized leader and how this person has demonstrated leadership in the field.

Some necessary qualities were mentioned, but not developed. This salary is about average in your location approximately fifteen miles outside a medium-sized city in the Midwestbut it will be difficult to find a qualified engineer locally. You must use at least three sources now, though you will most likely use more in your final project since you are continuing to research and learn.Read this essay on Outline Leadership.

Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. COLL/ LEADERSHIP OUTLINE 1 Richard Caturano, A true leader. Introduction A. My paper is about a leader in the accounting field, Richard Caturano.

This project discusses why he is successful through being a great leader. Richard. Dec 05,  · COLL Discussions ALL 7 Weeks Posted by All Students Pages DeVry.

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COLL/ Leadership Project 1 Leadership Project David Rodriguez COLL / Critical Thinking & Problem. COLL August 5, Professor Joy Harrison DeVry University Raymond W. Kelly Outline B. Positive leadership traits are someone who is honest, focus, passion, and respectful to others work and themselves. Farrell, R.

() IV. your class paper or project receives a failing grade from your professor. In the case that I received. Peter O’Brian COLL/ Due: October 7, Week 5 Leadership Outline: point I. Introduction My project is about Peter O’Brian who completed the same major as myself but also doubled it with film.

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Coll 148 leadership project
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