Crisis management cathay pacific labor dispute analysis

Judge Anselmo Reyes ruled that the airline had contravened the Employment Ordinance by dismissing the pilots without a valid reason, adding that they had been sacked primarily because of union activities. Chief Executive at the time, Tony Tyler acknowledged the effort of all the teams involved, "You did a brilliant job in a very difficult situation.

The airline uses social listening to identify the latest trends people are talking about around travel or destinations. Given the current economic climate, and in line with the steps being taken by other major airlines around the world, the airline has undertaken a comprehensive review of all its routes and operations.

Dragonair services to Bangkok and Tokyo were terminated, and new services launched to Sendai, Phuket, Manila and Kathmandu. Some 1, passengers were Crisis management cathay pacific labor dispute analysis by the delays.

Their role is to offer humanitarian support to our passengers and their families during and after a crisis. Cabin crew vow to elevate dispute. All passengers got out before Christmas once the weather cleared up.

Before being certified, each team member receives two days of intensive training, which is led by the company staff psychologist and emergency response specialists. The matter was heard before Hon. A few of the members were dispatched to help stranded students during the UK snowstorms in December.

We can then be proactive with our updates and any communications with passengers.

Cathay Pacific Case Study: Using Social Data to Inform a Global Business

If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: However, as a result of the global economic situation, the Group reported an operating loss.

Regarding the Employment Ordinance, an important aspect was that the judgment defined the scope of "union activities" and its protection for workers in Hong Kong. Expansion continued into the s, with nonstop service to Vancouver inwith continuing service on to San Francisco in when an industry-wide boom encouraged route growth to many European and North American centres.

Cathay Pacific

Fifteen Cathay Pacific flights between London and Hong Kong were either diverted or cancelled over a three-day period. This assistance can include making appropriate arrangements for travel, accommodation, financial and referral services.

Cathay Pacific cabin crew stage marathon sit-in at Hong Kong airport Of 10, flight attendants employed by Cathay, 6, are unionised and have vowed to strike in August if demands over three key issues over pay, allowances and legal protection are not resolved.

The fleet was expected to have the new logo within four years. The reports created using data gathered from Brandwatch Analytics help the airline understand how its own channels are performing, which content has performed best and identify areas for improvement.

Industrial troubles and acquisitions Cathay Pacific operated three A from to The s saw Cathay Pacific experience labour relations issues, while completing the acquisition of Dragonair. The Hong Kong response involved action from a wide range of operational and commercial teams.

This article appeared in the South China Morning Post print edition as: We like to understand how the content that we generate can bring quality traffic to the website.

Cathay Pacific cabin crew vow to escalate dispute amid Hong Kong airport sit-in

The case was heard by the Court of Final Appeal on 27 August The union also wants lunch allowances for crews in Melbourne restored. I was particularly impressed by the way that staff patiently listened to and handled every question and issue with such courtesy, sensitivity and professionalism.

On 8 OctoberCathay Pacific retired their last passenger Boeingawith a farewell scenic flight around Hong Kong after over 35 years of service of the type. All ports in the Group underwent training or exercises in emergency response and irregular operations systems in the past 18 months.

Despite de Kantzow being a British subject through his Australian roots, Farrell was an American, thus forcing them to sell their majority stake. Nearly half of the fired pilots were captains, representing five percent of the total pilot group.

Labour Secretary Matthew Cheung Kin-chung urged both parties to keep talking, while his department closely monitored the situation. Director Service Delivery at the time, Ivan Chu, commented that, given the scale of such disruption there was much that Cathay Pacific could learn and improve upon in handling such situations more effectively.

On 11 November18 of the 49ers succeeded in the Hong Kong Court of First Instance concerning their joint claims for breach of contract, breach of the Employment Ordinance, and defamation. He returned to Texas and became a successful businessman.Cathay Pacific had a long history of effectively avoiding strikes by offering relatively higher compensation packages than other carriers in the region, but the recent hard times have fallen on the airlines have forced management to /5(2).

Cathay Pacific cabin crew vow to escalate dispute amid Hong Kong airport sit-in. Cathay Pacific management signalled yesterday it was willing to talk with protesting cabin crew members over.

Cathay Pacific monitor its social and digital campaigns using Brandwatch Analytics, tracking how its efforts are picked up across social networks. Seeing how its campaigns are being shared online is a key measure of success for the company.

The airline was hurt by the Asian financial crisis of the late s, but recorded a record HK The court upheld the defamation claim, but reduced the damages for the defamatory comments made by Cathay Pacific management.

The judges also modified the judgment awarding payment of legal costs to the pilots and instead said that they. Cathay Pacific’s rationale for a performance management solu tion focuses on two levels: the business level and the individual level.

Management team

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Crisis management cathay pacific labor dispute analysis
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