Culture differences between americans and vietnamese

Friends never give kisses to each other. However, they love and are faithful to each other. This is time for families to clean and decorate their houses, and enjoy special foods for Tet such as square sticky rice cakes, dried fruits. For the Western people, birthday and wedding are the most important occasions in a life.

They do not also kiss their old children. American only have a main meal which is dinner when family gather around dining table.

Family members who live apart gather and celebrate Tet together. First of all, the American lifestyle is more open than the Vietnamese lifestyle. In affection, when the American greets the strange peoples, they can greet anyone that they see first.

12 interesting Western ā€“ Vietnamese cultural differences

March 24, By athenatr-admin Categories: Meat is cooked in big pieces, they cut it during eating. Man and elder are considered as superior. This is one of main reason making Viet Nam affiliate with other countries easily.

This shows the community culture of vietnamese people having thousands years before. It may or may not be accompanied by spoken language, and just as language varies from culture to culture so does the language of gestures.

Differences between Western culture and Vietnamese culture

Americans use knife, spoons, fork and plates. Those are only some of the most basic differences in the spiritfeeling, eating and drinking, greeting between Vietnamese and the Western people. The students in Vietnam have to take extra classes at home with their private teacher.

They give presents and throw birthday parties Vietnamese celebrate death days. The American characteristic can be said as an early independent personality compared with Vietnamese young people.

Others attribute the events and experiences in their lives to the situations surrounding the occurrence of such events. Vietnamese culture has a pretty strict education of greeting. Most of them are Christians, so they usually pray before eating.

They tend to pass the whole plate of food around The food is put on the table and individuals take piece by piece. This is done to help American food is less spicy 9.

It can even sleep three or four people A bed is made of either wood or bamboo and covered by a reed mat. Americans wear leather shoes.

Culture Differences between Americans and Vietnamese Essay Sample

They eat soup in a bowl 6. Thursday, December 6, Differences between American and Vietnamese culture Every country has a different culture. This shows equality between male and female. The lunar new year holiday or Tet is the most important festival in a year.Language Vietnamese use the Latin alphabet, introduced by the French colonizers Every word has only one syllable and its meaning and pronunciation is.

"Culture is communication and communication is culture" (Hall, ). Cross-cultural communication is communication (verbal and nonverbal) between people from different cultures; cultural values, belief, attitudes, etc has an impact on communication (as cited in "cross-cultural communication", Ho Thi My Hau, ).

Those are only some of the most basic differences in the spirit, feeling, eating and drinking, greeting between Vietnamese and the Western people. Besides there are many other differences. Understanding much about differences between the Western culture and the Vietnamese culture helps us have many friends.

Since I came to live in the United States, I have experienced a lot of differences in lifestyle, language, and celebration between Americans and Vietnamese people.

Greeting and eating, the most experiences that I have learned, are two main points of contrast between Americans and Vietnamese culture. I remember the first few months in the US, I recognized there are a lot of cultural differences between America and Vietnam that made me feel "Culture shock" - is a very real experience for many people who move to another country.

The article explores major differences between Eastern and Western culture, especially beneficial for Western tourists on their first visit to Vietnam.

Cultural Differences

Today, Iā€™d like to develop on that topic, exploring Western ā€“ Vietnamese cultural differences.

Culture differences between americans and vietnamese
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