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Instead of making life easier for new immigrants — assuming this is a goal — such a law would likely just bar English should be declared the official language essay from even more opportunities. But the point is well-taken. But any honest appraisal of the situation in the US must concede that it simply is not.

Such thinking feeds directly into a more basic question of US identity: Speaking English, they might argue, does not guarantee humanity in the eyes of individuals or — perhaps more importantly — systems. The opposition won out and Ebonics was dropped. This is Alabama, they might say, we speak English.

Such programmes offer a strong rejoinder to the absolutist stance of English-only advocates such as Mujica, who struck a heavy-handed chord during his most recent Congressional testimony, saying in his slow Chilean drawl: Enforcement brings other problems, too, not least ideological ones; many supporters of Official English are political conservatives, critically opposed to government intervention in the lives of citizens.

This might even override considerations of race, as the black cultural theorist Frantz Fanon noted in his book Peau noire, masques blancspublished as Black Skin, White Masks in Here as elsewhere, people who are isolated by language tend — much like poor people, or victims of sexual assault, for example — to get blamed for their condition.

The tactic is neither new nor particularly subtle. Should those who come to US shores assimilate to US culture, or maintain their distinctive cultural markers?

And since laws are valid only to the degree that they can be enforced, language law is bound to be tenuous at best.

Language is a national identity, to be preserved and protected, generally by the expulsion of others. We wear the masks we think other people want to see. It would be false to think that there is no price to be paid for those migrants who cannot communicate in English.

One prerequisite of being an American, as we have seen, is the ability to speak English. Immigrants to the US who cannot or will not learn to speak English are necessarily isolated from their English-speaking fellows. He is a regular contributor at the Religion Dispatches blog.

Commonality of speech creates a web of connections that hold a people together. Or that adopting Standard English might feel unreal — using language as a conscious, even self-conscious, performance.

Though this amendment died in Congress, it reappeared in various iterations over time, passing the House inand finding Senate approval 10 years later, as part of an immigration reform bill that itself failed to become law.

In truth, for many English-only advocates, language has become a stand-in for less palatable sentiments, the fear of changing racial demographics among them.

Why English should be the official language of the United States

Supporting migrants and their children to maintain their mother tongue is, he suggested, a racist policy, as it presumes that certain immigrants are incapable of learning English. In southern California, home to a broad diversity of ethnicities and languages, such programmes are proliferating.

The English spoken in Georgia, for instance, is very different from that spoken in Massachusetts. The troublesome example of official French policy in Quebec offers a cautionary tale One promising avenue for integrating non-speakers comes in the form of bilingual immersion education.

Dismissing the idea that language was a threat to unity, he concluded: In other words, the other who speaks like me is more likely to win my favour than the other who compounds his otherness by speaking other than me.

The US is so much larger, home to hundreds of millions of people and their myriad cultural traditions.

Talk the talk

Being able to communicate in English with police officers, for instance, has not kept young black males from filling the rosters of the US penal complex. The non-speaker is powerless to contest whatever conclusions they draw. Likewise, since non-speakers would be further stigmatised, their nativist detractors could claim legal vindication for every exclusionary push.

It was also irrelevant to the world of employment, so adopting it in the classroom essentially doomed students to lives in the poor neighbourhoods where they grew up. To a significant degree, these were absorbed into an expanding American-ness. These days, the numbers are similar. I have lived this issue, and it is incomprehensible to me that anyone would oppose legislation which codifies the language policy for this country.

European immigrants, for example, have a long history of cold reception in the US, their foreign tongues or dialects revealing them as other even when their skin tone did not.

No provision is made, however, for non-English-speaking French-Canadians in Maine or Vermont, or Yiddish-speaking Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn, who are white and thus presumed to be able to learn English without difficulty.Essay on Should English Be Official?

Words | 3 Pages “Should English be declared the official language of the United States?” is still a controversy - refighting the same old sociolinguistic issue of the s. Many people believe that English should be the official language because we are American, and Americans speak English.

Should English Be the Official Language?: free Argumentative sample to help you write excellent academic papers for high school, college, and university. Check Out Our Should English Be the Official Language?

Essay. Currently, the United States has no designated official language. I strongly believe that English should be the official. The question that has been around for hundreds of years: “Should English be declared the official language of the United States?” is still a controversy - refighting the same old sociolinguistic issue of the s.

this essay will argue [tags: Language ] Strong Essays words | ( pages) | Preview. A push for English to be the official language of the US has both a dark history and a regressive vision for the future Aeon email newsletters are issued by the not-for-profit, registered charity Aeon Media Group Ltd (Australian Business Number 80 ).

have now declared English their only official language and in both. The fact that English is not our official language should come as a shock to Americans.

The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were written in English and should be reasons enough to. Why English should be the Official Language of U.S.: free Argumentative sample to help you write excellent academic papers for high school, college, and university.

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English should be declared the official language essay
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