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I continually take digital photographs of students working and save the pictures to disk so that they can be utilized for my professional portfolio. Essay on multimedia technology other method is by bit mapped graphics.

Color-based features include color histograms, color moments, color correlograms, a mixture of Gaussian models, etc.

The computer is then able to translate these entries into the required midi file. The computer must be used as a tool, and not as a teacher.

The prime cause of the Internet explosion, however, has been the development of the World Wide Web service: By highlighting letters on the page, copying them, and pasting them in personal clipboards or other word processing programs, the tedious task of note-taking can be eliminated. This technique discovers the longest sub sequential frames common to all sequential frames in two sequences.

K-means algorithm is directly applied to very large datasets because of their time complexity with respect to the input size [3]. The sound can be described digitally and stored as an image wave format of the actual sound or it can be translated in to what is called midi format.

These projects were very expensive and carried on by large companies and investment groups. Most CAI programs cover quite limited material, but some larger-scale reading and mathematics programs have been developed.

An actual musical instrument can be hooked to the computer and the computer records the actual notes struck, duration, intensity ,etc.

Essay: Multimedia

Querying by text or image consumes more time for indexing stage and may also give irrelevant results, which increases process overhead. If the book was typed out entirely as would be done by an electronic word processor such as Microsoft Word, users would greatly benefit. It is the purpose of this paper to research and examine several areas of computer multimedia by using a typical application programs in that related area.

Technology And Media

These presentations can be slide shows of still images accompanied by music or sequences of animation. The explosive growth of the Internet has been fueled by individual users with modem-equipped personal computers.

The computer hardware and software were developed by individuals and groups working independently.

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Determine which regions represent people and which represent stationary objects and differentiate both behaviors. In texture feature extraction image is divided into set of objects.

Video content is the capability of automatically analyzing video to detect and determine temporal events which are based on several images.

Students spend on the average an hour per week using school computers. Advertising on the internet is relatively cheap compared to television and is very specialized and often more effective.

Rosenstiel, a writer for the Los Angeles Times, says "Technology is a blessing and a curse. The photograph is cleaned up and a title is added. Computer animation has greatly reduced the human effort of making cartoons.

Computer graphics is the ability of the computer to display, store and transmit visual information in the form of pictures. You can visit any website you like, wherever it is located at no extra charge, and download files and view great multimedia effects at any time. We would rather take on the trouble of taking manual notes than be charged for something that is otherwise free at a library.


Index the video clip into multiple shots which is called as shot segmentation and retrieves most relevant video sequences based on user queries.

Several types of computer software can be used in schools for communications: Knowledge discovery from the huge amount of multimedia data is called multimedia mining.

These students could also utilize a scanner to transfer pictures from books to their presentation. Third, learning involves the development of a wide variety of analytic understandings.

But these demographic characteristics have disadvantages like more computation cost and complexity. Methods for shot boundary detection usually first extract visual features from each frame, then measure similarities between frames using the extracted features, and, finally, detect shot boundaries between frames that are dissimilar.

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Essay: Multimedia. Multimedia, or mixed-media, systems offer presentations that integrate effects existing in a variety of formats, including text, graphics, new concept is the use of internet or otherwise computer technology to electronically convert books to a digital, readable format viewed on a television set or computer screen.


Essay on multimedia technology
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