Fun resume writing activities

Why This Is Helpful Because of the range of writing teens do-from very informal communication with peers to more formal writing in school and other settings-they need to be aware of the special requirements for resume writing. You can do the same with subsets of body language like walking into the room, seating position, handshake etc.

This works particularly well with real life and surprising examples, like your own CV at the time before you first started teaching English. Explain that one way to identify these talents and experiences to create a team resume. Both of these games can also be played with cover letters or the scripts from job interviews instead.

Their partner can answer the questions with true answers or their imagination as they wish. This can be made more challenging by students starting with very general questions e.

They can then ask each other the questions that they have decided are most relevant, and this can lead onto dealing with polite and indirect questions. Discuss with the group the importance of having different personalities and characters in the group and how this can benefit everybody.

No date is listed for her high school diploma; there is no description of coursework that might be relevant to the workplace.

Go over both resumes as a class. You may want to note that there is no single best way to structure a resume.

15 fun job application practice tasks

Guess your job by questions This is an easier variation on Guess My Jobs By Fun resume writing activities where the interviewer has to guess the present job on the roleplay card that the interviewee has by asking only the questions given by the teacher. You can then move onto discussion of how to make negative things sound okay and what kind of questions are difficult and unacceptable in interviews.

This can move onto discussion of what answers are good and how the others could be answered better, then interviews with those questions in pairs. Without telling their partner what job they are being interviewed for, they should ask suitable questions for that job. Teens will learn why resumes are an important part of the job application process and by working through the process of creating their own resumes, they will learn how to read a job ad carefully, format a resume, and tailor their resume to a job ad by using professional language.

Through activities like these mentioned above, students are developing skills without even realizing it: This can lead onto discussion of good body language when being interviewed, judging people you are interviewing by body language, and suitability of certain personality types for particular jobs.

One goal of the workshop is to familiarize your students with the special requirements of resume writing. Unlike most other academic writing exercises, resumes are built on brief, incomplete sentences, with a strong focus on action verbs and specific results.

Even babysitting demonstrates patience and responsibility. Their partner must choose a job and ask them questions to see if they can find out what is wrong with their partner and therefore whether they should give them the job or not.

After a fixed time limit ask them if they have found anything wrong and then reveal the problems. In pairs, fours, eights etc. Guess my jobs by questions In each pair of students the interviewer is given the name of a job they should interview the other person for.

Interview answers pyramid ranking debate Brainstorm or give students a list of 6 to 10 possible answers to a single interview question, e. She uses unprofessional wording e.

Allocate approximately minutes to discuss the exercise and for groups to create their resumes.15 fun job application practice tasks. Applying for a job in English is a stressful and important use of language skills that often comes up in class but is rarely true for more than one or two people.

Bonner Curriculum: Employer’s Eyes: Group Resume Game page 4 Pass out a piece of flipchart paper, markers, and the handout Campus Organizer Job Description to each group. Video Description. It’s time to write or edit your resume. Do you greet this project with enthusiasm or do you scream AAARGH!?

Whether you are a new grad, a career changer, or a senior executive, you probably have at least a little resistance to writing the most important career document of your life.

What's more, many of these activities involve meeting new people -- and therefore put you in the path of new networking opportunities. Meeting people outside of your normal social and professional spheres is an excellent way to broaden the reach of your job search.

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Resume Writing Techniques Obviously it’s important for students’ resumes to contain strong content, but good writing is the other key component of a good resume. One goal of the workshop is to familiarize your students with the special requirements of resume writing.

Customize the resume for the purpose – a job resume is going to be different from a resume for a college application.

Check, check and double check and then have someone else proof it Create a worksheet or some questions that include things teens can put on a resume.

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Fun resume writing activities
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