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Jimmy Lai believed that service was the best way to make customers return to Giordano again and again. However, all of it are European brands. It cannot be denied that establishment in global market causes significant effects to the overview of Giordano both two ways: The franchisee is the local distributor who is usually self-motivate since he has invested much money and time in operation.

Market entry strategies 3. It is surely that they cannot stay away from troubles of local Giordano introduction, regulations and rules, take time and waste money for unnecessary problems.

There are winners, there are losers. Before having Giordano brand name, Jimmy Lai had exported his products to the U. Therefore, each company has different marketing strategies to find the best way for their companies.

One of the most important operations is that the firm has organized training programs to a large team of employees and given them professional skill in the field of communication with customers. Thus, a fashionable collar t-shirt is a must.

Poloshirt full colour 4.

Giordano. Brand management

Plans for setting up stores in Europe in October were already in the pipeline, while South Africa and South America were also under consideration. Each product and each action has Giordano introduction specific concept which contains the values of Giordano characteristics.

The company Giordano introduction developed its service quality over long period of time and Giordano introduction received several awards for its commitment in servicing its customer, the list of service-related awards it had received. One more important thing is that they applied smart strategies on each market segmentation.

There are three main markets for running business in the international market entry as below: Altough Giordano originates from Asia, its Brand Image has become so successful that it plans to open another 2.

Giordano has shown that its willingness to experiment with new ideas and its perseverance although past failures should seem to be an introduction of new product lines. In the case, Jimmy Lai also believed strongly in Empowerment: Init scaled back on its wholesaler operation and started to set up its own retail shops in Hong Kong.

Accesoris like belt and socks, this product just sells for men 8. After that the growth of expansion is in other markets namely Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam, etc…as the firm expanded beyond Asia, it became clear that different strategies must be formed to develop and apply in different countries.

The target is make the cutomer feel to like when entering shop giordano,service giordano guarantee all customer greeted with smile, let customer to try infinite, reservasion the product within 3 day, serving marginal stitching and installing clasp free of charge and also conversion policy without boundary time which very liberal.

The key was in regional expansion. As early as the s, Giordano realized that it was difficult to achieve substantial growth and economies of scale if it operated only in Hong Kong.

This seems to be caused by lower growt rates, and the aggressive behaviour of incumbets who currently focus relatively more heavily on non-price competition. Relevant interpretation of the mode factors would be included in the individual section of each market. Stanton, "Market segmentation in the process of dividing the total heterogeneous market for a good or service into several segments.

Giordano Case Study Essay

This is actually not opposed to Uppsala. With this strategy, Giordano is quickly easy to access to the potential markets that are Germany, Japan, Middle East, etc… the apparel market in these countries have some similar characteristic as those in China.

Stanton, Author Michael J. Giordano really known as the friendliest shop service. It quickly expanded business to two shops operating in Osaka and two in Tokyo at the end of the year This Product that sells for woman and men. Demographic from Giordano are ages that have been segmented by Giordano to reached their target Market: Positioning is what you do to the mind of the prospect.

Japan is a completely different environment against with the other markets that Giordano applied successful joint venture approach in the international strategy to integrate its brand.Giordano Case Study Introduction: The purpose of this report is to analyze and describe about the case study of Giordano – a Hong Kong fashion company that specializes in manufacturing and selling the trendy clothes for men and women -.

Introduction The primary purpose of this assignment is to discuss the marketing strategies that ‘Giordano’ did in the apparel industry and how it successfully manage to maintain its position in selling collar t-shirt in the apparel industry.

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Privacy Policy. © GIORDANO'S ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Introduction Giordano is a Hong Kong - based clothing company which has made a great success in breaking into the international market. By the end ofGiordano has make it appearance in more than 40 territories, upon 2, stores with over 8, friendly staff and became one of the most recognized brand in the Asia Pacific region.

Terry Giordano is a seasoned technologist that has explored the science of computer evolution from CPM to MS-DOS and the Windows operating systems.

He knows the impact of technology and security with an emphasis on the user.

Giordano introduction
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