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I also love that he has teachers of varying ethnicities. There Happy home happy child a kitchen area that was dirty and the bottom of the cabinets were peeling or rusted paint and just below that was something that looked like steel wool or huge dust balls.

I can honestly say that it also feels like a family. He has started to read now as a preschooler so will be able to start kindergarten as a reader.

If you miss a day at the school with pick up you may miss vital information about the upcoming school day. I really like the daily reports, monthly newsletters, holiday parties, and the schools emphasizes on the community i.

Cortes or his teacher Ms. Tillman should be ashamed to call this her daycare and I cannot believe the Washingtonian would rate this place so high. I love that aspect of the school.

This is a very diverse school. I would not send my dog to this daycare. I guess that is the best part.

Happy Home Child Learning Center

If you have been there you know what I am talking about. There was a space blocked off with a baby gate because the cabinets were broken and a vacuum was stored there all within reach of a small child.

He is thriving, he does not have any weird cuts and bruises, and I find the location to be clean and tidy every day. It is old, dirty and very crowded.

My son has been in the Busy Bee classroom since September 7, I can not say enough about how much I appreciate what my son has learned from attending Happy Home.

Alexandria, VA Our Daughter has been with Happy Home for more than 3 years - since she was 3 months old - we moved from the old location in Old Town Alexandria to the current location in Seminary Towers. I would recommend the Director send a weekly email with updates to the parents.

The area itself is really run down. I can relate to the injury reports, or lack there of. The parents support one another through meetings with the guidance of the owner and Director, Dr. They must of meant somewhere else. Happy Home is set up for success from every area of the center. We asked if it was ever used and the director told us that no food was brought in from an outside source but they but it in the kitchen area to be distributed to the children.

My husband and I are very glad to have taken our son out of there. Sometimes in the DMV, the traffic can be so bad and there is no real accommodation for that.

I was impressed with our discussion with the Owner Dr. I have done drop ins unannounced and have not seen any issues. The leadership and teachers are all friendly and kind, they hold the children to high standards and keep you updated daily as to how they are behaving and learning.

However, what I love There is no fear or apprehension. The only thing they were good at and consistent with was collecting tuition. Everyone the director, staff, parents works closely as a village to care for the mental, physical, emotional, social and educational aspects of every single child.Happy Child International provides Safe Home Environment for Young Girls and their Babies.

We rescure, rehabilitate and reintegrate street connected children back into their families and communities. Apr 22,  · 7 Secrets to Raising a Happy Child. What can you do to create a home where your child's happiness will flourish?Author: Marguerite Lamb.

Happy Children Home, started in to play an active part in homeless / street children. Happy Children Home for Orphans will go to caring for orphans.

Leading the next generation in education, morals, values, self-esteem and self determination. We are committed to each child reaching their fullest potential. Conscious Parenting for the 21st Century – Happy Child, Happy Home. Happy Child, Happy Home has 13 ratings and 1 review.

Happy Child, Happy Home: Conscious Parenting and Creative Discipline

Ash said: I LOVED this book! So many helpful ideas for implementing rituals into your family life. M /5(1).

Happy home happy child
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