Is my thesis good enough

However, the second reader was a problem. Let me say that again. And you know why? With these worries, I spent a fitful night the day before the defense. In the end, one of my other supervisors intervened and recommended my thesis be submitted.

This is a story of a good supervisor gone bad. Whenever I speak to academics about the process of writing a PhD thesis, all of them, almost without exception, say that when they look back at what they wrote, it is a cringe inducing experience. Momentum is more important than perfection, completion is more important that perfection.

Build relationships with all of your supervisors. I practically conducted interviews for the job… I take that back. Similarly, the external examiner was a minor fantasy writer, so he was unlikely to be hostile, even though he would probably ask some questions to determine the Is my thesis good enough of my knowledge.

That maybe I should see it as a hurdle to jump over and not something that will define me for the rest of my academic career. Later, I started wondering if I had missed something.

Make all of them accountable and responsible for your progress and wellbeing. Good enough to get me through, good enough to make sure that I can take the next step. Rephrase the main question; ask only one question.

Feasible and specific What to check. However, all the time, I waited for the second reader to pounce. I had a great supervisor. My bad supervisor turned good overnight.

I settled on someone who was less experienced that I was originally seeking. I was a PhD student no one had seen in two years.

When she was finally told that she had passed, you could see the tension draining out of her. Finally, when I did seek assistance at the University, I was anxious that I was perceived as the problem. I will have suffered innumerable bouts of self-doubt.

I had heard enough remarks to realize that, were I to fail, several tenured faculty members would not be unbearably disappointed, and never mind that my thesis was original work and almost guaranteed publication.

Right now, I just want it to be good enough to get me that certificate that says I can move on. It passed with no changes. Has anyone else had to patch up a relationship gone bad after it was all over? We were engaged in a war of attrition, a war that took me to the edge of my psychological and physical wellbeing — beyond any place I thought I could go, or perhaps more importantly, beyond what I would have thought I could survive.

Moreover, the research is evaluative or predictive i. It is challenging to offer an opinion, judgment or value while remaining objective which is a prerequisite for good research. So when I am having one of those days when I start to obsess about this paragraph or that sentence, I stop and give myself a shake.

Not surprisingly, things began to slip.My thesis defense.

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March 3, by Bruce Byfield. As if that wasn’t precarious enough, my thesis supervisor was the department’s token humanist. By working with him, I had announced to the entire department that I was not in any of the popular critical camps, such as the feminists or the post-colonials.

Jun 10,  · Keep in mind that in my discipline (Rhetoric and Technical Communication) it’s unusual for a PhD candidate to be handed a research problem by their advisor’s research program. The candidate is expected to identify their own research problem, devel. Is my thesis statement specific enough?

Thesis statements that are too vague often do not have a strong argument. If your thesis contains words like “good” or “successful,” see if you could be more specific: why is something “good”;. In response, my good supervisor was less than supportive.

I won’t go into all the details. In the end, one of my other supervisors intervened and recommended my thesis be submitted. It passed with no changes. Yup, no changes. When things finally got bad enough that others got involved, I had a history of missed meetings, strings of.

Apr 25,  · Best Answer: This is just my opinion. I think the thesis statement is much too long. I would cut out most (not all) of the references to modern technology.

Do I have a good main research question?

Leave just enough (two sentences, perhaps), to justify why you think there is insufficient security in schools. Unless your teacher likes long thesis Status: Resolved. Mar 06,  · Is this a good enough thesis statement?

Here is the prompt: To what extent and for what reasons did the policies of the federal government from to violate the principles of laissez faire, which advocated Status: Resolved.

Is my thesis good enough
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