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The task of the SQL tuning expert is to evaluate each full-table scan and see if the performance can be improved by adding an index.

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These are the goals of SQL tuning in a nutshell. There are a host of third-party tools on the market that show the execution plan for SQL statements. In most Oracle systems, a SQL statement will be retrieving only a small subset of the rows within the table.

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The cost-based optimizer is constantly being improved, but there are still many cases in which the rule-based optimizer will result in faster Oracle queries. SQL is an industry standard database query language that was adopted in the mids.

However, they are deceptively simple, and to effectively meet them, we need to have a through understanding of the internals of Oracle SQL. Note that we can display SQL statements by: In sum, the Oracle database administrator will always try changing the optimizer mode for queries as the very first step in Oracle tuning.

It should not be confused with commercial products such as Microsoft SQL Server or open source products such as MySQL, both of which use the acronym as part of the title of their products. When only some tables contain CBO statistics, Oracle will use the cost-based optimization and estimate statistics for the other tables in the query at runtime.

Of course, there are times when a full-table scan is appropriate for a query, such as when you are doing aggregate operations such as a sum or an average, and the majority of the rows within the Oracle table must be read to get the query results.

Do this before you start individual SQL statement tuning This broad-brush approach can save thousands of hours of tedious SQL tuning because you can hundreds of queries at once. For the full story, see my book " Oracle Tuning: The tuning expert first evaluates the SQL based on the number of rows returned by the query.

Once you create a workload called a SQL Tuning Set, or STSOracle will repeatedly execute the workload, using sophisticated predictive models using a regression testing approach to accurately identify the salient changes to SQL execution plans, based on your environmental changes. Entire books have been written about the nuances of Oracle SQL tuning; however, there are some general guidelines that every Oracle DBA follows in order to improve the performance of their systems.

The Definitive Reference " for details on choosing the right optimizer mode. One of the hallmarks of an inefficient SQL statement is the failure of the SQL statement to use all of the indexes that are present within the Oracle database in order to speed up the query.

Again, see the book " Oracle Tuning: However, if the formulation of a query is inefficient, the cost-based optimizer becomes confused about the best access path to the data, and the cost-based optimizer will sometimes choose to do a full-table scan against the table.

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The Definitive Reference ", for complete details. Standard b-tree indexes can be added to tables, and bitmapped and function-based indexes can also eliminate full-table scans.

Using SPA, we can predict the impact of system changes on a workload, and we can forecast changes in response times for SQL after making any change, like parameter changes, schema changes, hardware changes, OS changes, or Oracle upgrades.“The book has enough depth for even a seasoned professional to pick up enough tips to pay back the price of the book.

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Oracle: SQL Server: More Information %TYPE data type: No equivalent: The %TYPE data type of Oracle, lets you create a variable and have that variable's data type be defined by a table or view column or a PL/SQL package variable.

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