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The second characteristic is interdependence, and it obviously flows from the first. The elite leaders handle all economic, military, and foreign relations.

However, the easiest, shortest, and therefore effective way to organizational change is the way that initiated by representatives of organization, who have full power to implement ideas to life, and sufficient personal authority to form a camp of supporters of reforms and strengthening the driving forces.

Also, if the manager has little power to influence, he will not be able to get the resources needed to define and achieve organizational goals with the help of other people. Democracy A democracy is a form of government in which the citizens create and vote for laws directly, or indirectly via representatives democratic republic.

Political system

Elections held are usually affairs in which the dictator is the only candidate. The qualifications for being considered a citizen are completely different. Often a monarch is the head of state until he or she abdicates or until death.

It can be presented as the struggle for resources, personal conflicts, competition for power and leadership and tactical influence executed by individuals and groups to attain power, building personal stature, controlling access to information, building coalitions etc.

In a Organization as political systems essay, a ruler is not usually chosen by the voice of the people or their representatives. Organizational politics is closely connected with concept of leadership, while relations between leaders and their followers include commitment, influence and power.

Dictatorship Another authoritarian form of government is the dictatorship. While there are lackeys and others who work for the dictator, he or she makes most of the decisions, and usually has enforcers.

That are cultural and behavioral obstacles, which are three key features of organizational life: There are three types of political systems that sociologists consider: Democracy We often hear the United States referred to as a democracy.

Secondly, the leadership position in the organization allows to collect and then implement the ideas, born in the minds of employees. In this type of monarchy, the ruler is the head of state, but a constitution limits the power, and others make laws.

As said earlier, if one component of the whole system changes, it has its impact on other components of the system and, as such, on the system as a whole, though the extent may not be the same in proportion on all the components of the system.

Essay on Political System

Organizational culture is continuously developing and improving, it exists and is transformed under the influence of many factors. Crowned a constitutional monarchy might be considered a crowned republic Single Party Federal the United States is often referred to as a federal republic Parliamentary The main characteristic of a republic is that the government is subject to the people, and leaders can be recalled.

Leadership can be primarily seen as a process of improving the organizational culture that allows to develop such elements, which together will ensure the effectiveness of the organization to achieve strategic goals. The idea of democracy stems back from ancient Greece and the profound works of ancient academics.

In many cases, very few benefit from the decisions made in a dictatorship. The student of Political Science must, therefore, be aware of the environment in which the political system is set, particularly the social setting.

Communist states are often dominated by a single party, or a group of people. Here are some overviews of these five fairly recognizable political systems: The governed are usually not consented in any way. Develop on this basis, strategies for change.

Only then any changes or transformations in the organization will be successful. Technically, every citizen has an equal say in the workings of government. Thus, the author recognizes the fact that leadership and power are key factors in the change process.

Only the power of spirit and talent of a leader, who knows the organization and its capabilities technical and humancan transform an abstract idea in reality. For the purpose of analysis, the political system may be separated from economic and other systems but in practice the study of one system remains lopsided if not aided by other areas of the social system.

The author starts the topic on the examples of three large companies, General Motors, IBM, and Sears, which once faced the need of organizational change and failed. Meetings and hearings are conducted in a neutral location with representatives of all involved nations present.

In other words, it can be seen as an undivided rule or absolute sovereignty by a single person. Other types of monarchies include duchies, grand duchies, elective monarchy where the monarch is actually electedand non-sovereign monarchy.

A constitutional monarchy gives the royal family limited powers and usually works in accordance with an elected body of officials.Free Essay: Power and Politics in Organizations Introduction Have you ever wondered what role politics and power play in organizations?

When used effectively. Party Organization Essay Political parties are inevitable in representative democracies, and both their organization and activities influence the functioning of democracy.

Organizations are not formally required for parties to present candidates at elections for public offices, their main assignment, but in practice, all parties have some kind. The Five Most Common Political Systems Around the World.

24 Aug, | Written by admin | under Government, One of the more common types of dictatorship is the military dictatorship, in which a military organization governs, running the political system. Sometimes, the military just exerts a great deal of pressure on the government.

Organizations as political systems: the managerial bias in Critical Perspective A number of approaches are offered for organizational science to solve the problem regarding organizational gap between theory and practice.

More detailed directions for the organization of the rating process Global History and Geography Content-Specific Rubric Thematic Essay August Scoring Notes: Theme: Political Systems Political systems have affected the history and culture of nations and societies.

Task: Choose two different political systems and for each. Organizations as Systems of Political ActivityAn organization’s politics is most clearly manifest in the conflicts and power plays that sometimes occupy centre stage, and in the countless interpersonal intrigues that provide diversions in the flow of organizational fundamentally, however, politics occurs on an.

Organization as political systems essay
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