Silver water by amy bloom essays

Although Rose is a schizophrenic character, she is drawn with realism and complexity. She would go out into the woods behind our house and not come in until my mother went after her at dusk, and stepped gently into the briars and saplings and pulled her out, blank-faced, her pale blue sweater covered with crumbled leaves, her white jeans smeared with dirt.

This decision allows her greater flexibility than a straight-forward narrative would. The reader knows she is doing this willfully for three reasons. Structurally, the story completes a full circle. Bloom has always been careful to completely maintain the privacy of her patients, however, and she has stated that she draws the material for her stories primarily from her own life and that of her friends and family.

Galen tries to prevent her from doing this, but Rose throws her off physically. Addie Robicheaux Addie sings contralto in the church choir, along with Rose.

A side effect of Thorazine is weight gain, so the reader can reasonably conclude that the drug intended to help Rose is responsible for her considerable size. I see a lot of different points of view because I live a lot of different points of view. When she returns, she wakes David, who calls the police and the funeral parlor.

Some people go crazy and some people never do. By the middle of the decade, Americans, on the whole, enjoyed a comparatively high level of prosperity.

The narrative voice begins by explaining that Rose was not always ill. Galen, in particular, does not want to confess to Violet just how difficult these weeks with Rose have been.

She understands her situation well enough to know that she will never be able to function independently.

Silver Water Analysis

Violet tells only the second lie of her life to her father when she does not tell him that Rose pushed Galen into the refrigerator. As she tells her family the night before her suicide, she does not want to do the things she does, such as shoving her mother into the refrigerator, but she simply cannot control herself.

She stops taking her medication. The imagery in this scene is highly symbolic.

Silver water by amy bloom essays

The added perspective that Violet has because of the distance between the events and the telling of the events allows her to better shape the story, and thus better reach the reader. His response is sensitive and bolsters her self-esteem, and she stops having random sex. Thorne—also from Texas—calls Rose.

Introduction & Overview of Silver Water

Her medications help her to keep calm, and they help quiet the voices in her head, but Rose never experiences a life-changing breakthrough. According to the author, she started writing stories when she started reading, but she stopped when she was sixteen.

This perspective allows the reader to see the girl Rose was before she became mentally ill. She and Rose become close, and Addie is able to help Rose when she is experiencing mental breakdowns.

Silver Water

She was well-liked at school, showed musical talent, and was idolized by Violet. That before her constant tinkling of commercials and fast-food jingles there had been Puccini and Mozart and hymns so sweet and mighty you expected Jesus to come down off his cross and clap.

Symbolism and Imagery Music provides the greatest opportunities for the use of symbolism and imagery in the story.A famous American writer Amy Bloom, with the depth and emotionality characteristic for all her works, in a short story “Silver Water” describes the psychology.

Silver Water Analysis Amy Bloom.

Silver Water Summary

Critical Essays; Analysis; Amy Bloom is the author of "Silver Water" and is not a character in the story. Because the short story is sometimes presented or. Violet is the character from silver water by amy bloom essays whos perspective is. The Moment and Other Essays, by Virginia Woolf, free ebook.

· Dive deep into Amy Bloom's Silver Water with extended analysis, commentary, and discussion. need to do my homework. “Silver Water” by Amy Bloom A famous American writer Amy Bloom, with the depth and emotionality characteristic for all her works, in a short story “Silver Water” describes the psychology of the relations in the family struck by daughter’s mental illness.

An introduction to Silver Water by Amy Bloom. Learn about the book and the historical context in which it was written. Amy Bloom’s short story “Silver Water” is a portrait of a family struggling to cope with the mental illness of one of its members.

The mother, Galen, is a somewhat eccentric musician; the father, David, is a poised psychiatrist; the younger daughter, Violet, is an English teacher by day and a poet by night; and the older daughter, Rose.

Silver water by amy bloom essays
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