Synopsis of major and minor old testament prophets timelines

There is no surer protection against the speculative vagaries of religious visionaries than a clear knowledge of the historical context of Scripture.

The Taunt from Assyria It is impossible to date the devastating plague of locusts that the prophet so vividly describes and compares with the terrors of the coming day of judgment. As Nahum refers to this in part prophetically, in part as matter of history Nah 1: If chapter 52, a historical appendix, was written by the prophet, he must have lived untilwhen Jehoiachin was released from prison by King Evil-Merodach of Babylon see chapter Prophecies Against Edom The Fall of Jerusalem For a graphic picture of how one nation would have responded to the irresistible appeal radiating from an Israel faithful to God, see Isaiah Since no conclusive evidence for any of these three views exists, all are presented here: In Egypt, Jeremiah raised his voice against the idolatries the Jews practiced there chapters 43; In spite of the bold and zealous efforts of such prophets as Elijah, Elisha, Amos, and Hosea, the northern kingdom rapidly deteriorated and was eventually carried into Assyrian captivity.

They would have no part in all that Christ stood for see on Matthew 3: The historical data in the book itself are the humiliation of Israel and Judah by Assyria Nah 2: Furthermore, the rise of the Chaldeans and their invasion of the West is predicted, but this seemed at that time completely incredible chapter 1: Any interpretation that fails to give these matters due consideration does violence to the Scriptures.

He is seen as the one who will bring in the New Covenant The futurist school ignores both the conditional element pervading predictive prophecy, clearly and emphatically proclaimed by the prophets themselves, and the specific statements of the New Testament that affirm that the privileges and responsibilities of ancient Israel have, in Christ, been transferred to the church.

Then chapter 23 is key in that it gives the prophecy of the Messiah, the righteous branch who is seen in contrast to the wicked shepherds and lying prophets described in this same chapter.

Some consider him to be the same as the Obadiah who superintended the restoration of the temple under Josiah, B.

Behold, I do not know how to speak, Because I am a youth. These repeated Messianic predictions were designed to lift the eyes of the people from the transitory events of their own time to the coming of Messiah and the establishment of His eternal kingdom, in order to afford them a view of the things of time in the light of eternity.

In these tragic events the words of Moses met their final and complete fulfillment: Several prophecies followed a few months later Zechariah 1: Another prophecy in Jeremiah has significant Messianic implications.

For a short time during his reign Assyria turned from its polytheistic religion to a kind of monotheistic Nabu worship. It was ordained of God to meet the needs of His people at the time it was given and to remind them of the glorious destiny that awaited them as a nation, of the coming of the Messiah, and of the establishment of His eternal kingdom.

The close of his ministry is tentatively set by some scholars at But the manner in which it is carried out may change because man may change.

The date of his prophecies, thus, seems to be about the former years of Hezekiah. The kingdom was overturned Ezekiel Download this free coloring page showing all of the major and minor prophets on a timeline. Author: Joshua Meadowcroft. Elijah – The first encounter with Elijah is seen in relationship with King Ahab (1 Kings ).

– It’s unknown at. Old Testament & Prophet Bible Timeline Compliments of 1.

Bible Chronology Timeline

Three Main Old Testament Text Chronologies Israelite Prophets Amos, Hosea, Isaiah / Northern Kingdom (Israel) destroyed by Assyrians; 10 tribes exiled (10 lost tribes) The Twelve Prophets and Work Bible Commentary See God at work in this commentary on the books of the twelve minor prophets: Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Micah, Nahum.

The Prophets. The Major Prophets; The Minor Prophets; Relating to Jesus. When was Jesus Born? Fausset & Brown – “This is the shortest book in the Old Testament. The name means “servant of Jehovah.” Obadiah stands fourth among the minor prophets according to the Hebrew arrangement of the canon, the fifth according to the Greek.

Synopsis Of Major And Minor Old Testament Prophets Timelines.

The Minor Prophets

Biblical Studies (PHIL ) Study Guide Old Testament Prophets Carol Swain Lewis, Ph.D., Instructor God’s Messengers From the beginning, prophets were known as spokesmen for God.

In other words, the purpose for a prophet was to speak God’s words to the Israelites.

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Synopsis of major and minor old testament prophets timelines
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